Pay Your Rent or Condo Fees Online

Pay your rent or condominium fees from the comfort of your own home! You can pay by having your checking account debited. Please make sure to read the provided information carefully so that you are familiar with how the system works.

How It Works:

You will be asked to enter your check and address the payment is to be credited to. There is a small fee for your check payment through PSN. Please understand that Apex Property Management, Inc. does not receive this extra fee. We are doing this simply as a service to our tenants and condominium owners and do not profit in any way from your check. You are more than welcome to continue to mail or drop your payments off to our office if you choose. However, the time and convenience offered by paying online makes this service well worth the minimal cost.

Service Fee:

If you make your payment by check, the service fee is only $1.50 for any amount paid.All service fees go to Payment Service Network.

Note: Since Apex Property Management, Inc. is using PSN to process your check payment, PSN and its toll free number "877-390-7368" will appear on your bank or credit card statement.

I do understand that if a payment is made, there will be a service fee added to my total.



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